Danish Workers Union Participates In Swedish Tesla Strike Action


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Since the Danish trade union 3F joined Swedish mechanics in their strike action against Tesla on Wednesday, dockworkers and truck drivers in Denmark have halted unloading and carrying Tesla cars that are headed for Sweden.

As the American automaker declines to accede to a demand from Swedish mechanics for collective bargaining rights encompassing pay and other conditions, Tesla is encountering resistance from unions and certain pension funds in the Nordic region.

“I want to do this in a different way; you need to change your system,” cannot be said by one guy or one business. You are really welcome to come here as long as you abide by the rules, said Jan Villadsen, chairman of 3F Transport.


On December 5, 3F made an announcement regarding their solidarity action, addressing rumours that, after Swedish dockworkers joined the strike, Tesla had begun transporting automobiles to Sweden via Danish ports.

“We know that some cars have come through Denmark, we don’t know how many but some, we know also that from today there is not one coming,” Villadsen stated.

“I’ve been in this game for more than 25 years, and I’ve never seen a strike that didn’t end with an agreement,” Villadsen told Reuters, expressing his belief that the dispute with the Nordic unions will continue until a deal is made with Tesla. Every strike concludes with a deal.

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This gesture of goodwill will only apply to Tesla vehicles intended for Sweden. Villadsen told Reuters that there will be no impact on the transportation of Tesla vehicles for Danish customers.

Although Dansk Metal, the Danish mechanics’ union, has not joined the sympathy campaign, it has informed Reuters that it is in contact with Tesla and the Danish mechanics who work for the company, as well as cooperating with unions in other nations.

Vice Chairman of Dansk Metal René Nielsen stated, “We will not say 100% that we are going to strike because right now we are in the process of gathering international forces, and that is what we believe is the strongest tool for us.”

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According to Nielsen, Dansk Metal is particularly attempting to entice German unions to become members. In the Berlin suburb of Gruenheide, Tesla employs 11,000 people.

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