Cyberjaya Has The Potential to Attract Tech Investment

Cyberjaya Has The Potential to Attract Tech Investment

Cyberjaya Has The Potential to Attract Tech Investment

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said on Saturday that Cyberjaya has the potential to become a popular place for tech companies worldwide to invest.

Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, said that the Cyberjaya Masterplan, which was released in 2019 as a strategy for Cyberjaya’s growth. It is in line with technological advances and innovation, focuses on three main pillars. Those pillars are smart mobility, smart healthcare, and digital creativity.

Anwar’s speech at the closing event of InnoEx 2023, delivered by Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation Chang Lih Kang. He also included a list of well-known companies that have invested in Cyberjaya.

Aerodyne Technologies, a local multinational business, is the world’s number one source of automation solutions for agriculture and surveillance using drones.

Cyberjaya Might Attract Tech Investment

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The Prime Minister said that Hematogenix, a company from the United States, had also chosen Cyberjaya to set up their Oncology Laboratory Centre for the whole Asia-Pacific area.

Anwar said that Tesla recently decided to set up its regional offices in Cyberjaya. He also said that, according to global real estate consultant Knight Frank, Cyberjaya is the best place in Southeast Asia to invest in a global data center.

He also said Cyberjaya has become a hub for local animation and digital art fans. For example, Monsta Studios, Wau Animation, and Durioo+.

Cyberjaya now has more than 146,000 people living there. About 40,000 of them work in more than 400 Malaysia Digital-status companies.

He also said that Cyberjaya helped more than 400 startups, including Campfyre, Laundrydone, Beebotic, ERTH, and Kumpool.

He said that companies like Monsta Studios, Wau Animation, BillPlz, Supagene, and IX Telecom are among the startups that are now looking into global markets. These companies have won important awards and done well internationally.

The Prime Minister mentioned that he is very proud of the success of our local talent. They have been working for a long time on developing apps, digital intellectual property, technology solutions, and other products and services based on innovation.

Anwar also talked about how Cyberview, the company in charge of developing Cyberjaya’s technology hub. It helps startups grow by rewarding them, especially through its Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme (CLLA).

“The CCLA has been at the forefront of providing services, advice, and access for a long time, and since it started, it has given RM6 million to over 90 startups to help them get started.”

He said that CLLA mentoring companies have drawn investments worth more than RM256 million. This has a direct effect on the economy because it has led to the creation of more than 1,400 jobs.

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