HR ministry investigates Shimano supplier slavery claims

HR ministry investigates Shimano supplier slavery claims

HR ministry investigates Shimano supplier slavery claimsThe Human Resources ministry will look into media statements alleging that migrant workers in a Johor plant were abused.

“It involves violations under the Employment Act 1955 and the Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990 for the offences detected, such as unlawful deduction of wages and unconducive workers accommodation,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry did note, however, that the labor department had no jurisdiction over the matter of recruiting fees and compensation brought up and asserted by Worldways Manpower Ltd against the corporation.

The statement added that the company and the employment agency should handle the resolution.

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According to The Telegraph, employees at Kwang Li Industry, a Pekan Nanas, Malaysian supplier to Shimano, had experienced unjustified wage deductions and recruitment fees, physical abuse and threats, and unpaid suspensions.

According to the Telegraph, Shimano, a well-known brand in the world for bicycle parts, had been selling gear made by “modern slaves.”

Shimano responded to the previous report by stating that it has opened an investigation into Kwang Li Industry and was attempting to improve the working conditions for the employees “as soon as possible.”

The ministry declared that all employers needed to follow the law and that it would keep up the enforcement of the regulations.

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