FWAs Can Alleviate Philippine Traffic Congestion

To alleviate the severe economic losses caused by traffic congestion and improve the country's deteriorating traffic…

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Study Finds Minimum Wage Rises Unlikely To Trigger Inflation

In the midst of discussions over future minimum wage rises and pay rate modifications, an analysis…

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With Stagnant Earnings, Malaysia Fears STEM Talent Drain

Salaries for new graduates in Malaysia have grown slowly over the last decade, remaining stable despite…

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Singapore’s Job Market Gains Positions

Singapore's job market continued to recover in 2023, with an increase in the number of newly…

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More Workers Want Modern Offices For Collaboration

Even though workers are excited to go back to the office full-time, the places where they…

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Many New Zealand Companies Provide Flexible Work Options

According to Stats NZ, organisations in New Zealand are quickly adopting flexible work arrangements, with many…

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Australia Raises Minimum Wage To Reduce Gender Pay Gap

In a response to the Fair Work Commission's (FWC) yearly review, the Australian government advocates a…

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Cherry Blossom Watching Exhausts Japanese Workers

Employees who consider the cherry blossoms as a work event appear to disagree with the general…

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Index of Asian Women-friendly Workplace Policies Launched

With the assistance of a new effort, organizations in Hong Kong and Asia will now be…

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Japan Ramps Up Hiring With Internships Connected To Jobs

According to a recent poll, major Japanese organisations are modernising their hiring practices, and 70% of…

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Organisations Across To Observe Japan’s Largest Wage Boost

Japan's companies have decided to raise wages by 5.25 percent this year. This is the biggest…

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South Korea Executive & Employee Wages Rise

In the majority of large South Korean organisations, the average remuneration for an executive is over…

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Pelindo Considers Indonesian SOE Four-day Workweek Pilot

As the operator of an Indonesian state-owned port, Pelindo is cautiously optimistic about the government's pilot…

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Nearly Half Of Asian Employers Plan Salary Increases

A more cautious projection of 3% to 6% in compensation increases for employees is what employers…

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Study Shows Wage Hikes Are Unlikely To Cause Inflation

There have been talks about possibly raising the minimum wage and changing pay rates. The Centre…

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Stellantis Laying Off 400 US Staff Due To ‘Record Uncertainties’

Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, said on Friday that it will let go of about…

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Singaporean Workers Feel More Isolated At Work

Due to the absence of reliable professional relationships, Singaporean workers struggle with feelings of loneliness and…

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UK Restriction On Foreign Carers Bringing Family Takes Effect

The UK Home Office has put in place new visa rules that make it harder for…

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