Dell Will Tighten Employee RTO



Dell, the latest corporation to make it difficult for workers to attend work, would no longer consider remote workers for promotions, according to sources.

The company’s old flexible mixed work policy, which was in place for more than a decade, is different from this new policy.

This will be harsher than Dell’s February RTO rule, which punished full-time telecommuters. Starting in May, the new policy will put almost all workers into one of two groups: “hybrid” or “remote.” Hybrid employees must come into a Dell office at least 39 days per quarter, which is about three days a week.

Those employees who choose to be “fully remote” will not be able to move up or be promoted.

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In the letter, it says, “For remote team members, it is important to understand the trade-offs: To move up in their career or apply for new jobs within the company, they will need to reclassify as hybrid onsite.”

Dell told in an email, “In today’s global technology revolution, we believe in-person connections paired with a flexible approach are critical to driving innovation and value differentiation.”

Since the COVID-19 crisis, Dell is the latest company around the world trying to get workers back to the office. In the past, Michael Dell, the CEO of the company, backed Dell’s WFH policies, saying, “If you’re counting on forced hours spent in a traditional office to create collaboration and a sense of belonging within your organisation, you’re doing it wrong.

Since 2018, the organisation has won “Best Place to Work for Disability Equality Index” for its “flexible work arrangements,” which have helped retain staff.

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