The Philippines Advances Senior Employment Bill



In order to improve job possibilities for senior citizens, the Philippines’ House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make sure senior citizens can find work. Furthermore, with the help of Philippines House of Representatives member Joey Salceda, the committee approved a bill that combines several steps to make it easier for seniors to find work.

Through the proposed law, the state would be required to help seniors who want to work and are able to find work. The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) will be very important in this bill when it comes to matching seniors with good job chances in both government and private businesses.

In addition, Erwin Tulfo, Deputy Majority Leader of the Philippines House of Representatives and one of the main authors of the bill, talked about how the effort will affect society and how it goes beyond just creating jobs.

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Tulfo said, “It helps seniors stay socially included, keeps them mentally and physically active, and helps them stay financially stable.” “(Hiring) senior citizens can bring stability, loyalty, and a lot of experience to the workplace.”

Not only that, but the bill also aims to make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities (PWDs) to get discounts, especially on utility costs. Philstar noted that Salceda praised Manila Electric (Meralco), an energy company, for making it easier to apply for discounts by giving people an easy-to-use online platform.

“I asked Meralco to make this available in line with the committee’s work on ways and means to improve the rights of vulnerable groups,” he said in the end. “I hope that all organisations are as responsive to their duties to people with disabilities and older people.”

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