Nearly 70% Of Disabled Malaysians Find Work



Of the disabled workers who lost their jobs between 2020 and 2022, almost seven out of ten have since found new jobs.

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The Human Resources Ministry responded to Malaysia’s parliament with these information. It was based on data from the Employment Insurance System (SIP) of the Social Security Organisation (Socso).

Seven hundred and forty-five of the 1,075 covered disabled workers who lost their jobs during the time period have since found new jobs, which is 68.84%.

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Furthermore, the Ministry of Human Resources said that they had started a number of schemes to help disabled people find work, which made sure that they could be part of Malaysia’s workforce.

The Bangi Industrial Training and Rehabilitation Centre opened the first MYFutureJobs Satellite Centre for disabled people as part of the programmes. There were also job fairs especially for disabled people.

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“From February 9 of last year to now, 39 special interview programmes for disabled people have been held across the country.” The total number of people who attended was 1,501, and 396 were able to find work, the ministry said in response to a question from Datuk Suhaimi Abdullah, a Member of Parliament from PN-Langkawi.

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Out of those numbers, 342 people were able to get second interviews. The employment service officers at Socso will continuously search for other effective job placement programmes for those who are not employed.

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The ministry also said that the Malaysian government has set aside RM30 million (US$6.33 million) and is giving employers an incentive of RM1,500 (US$316.56) per month for six months as part of the Private Sector Employment Support Scheme.

This scheme aims to help 3,300 former prisoners, disabled people, seniors, and retirees re-enter the job market.

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According to the New Straits Times, Return To Work was one of the other initiatives that assisted insured individuals who had been ill or injured in recovering and obtaining employment.

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