Australian Companies Learn To Help Family Abuse Victims



Over 3,500 downloads of the podcast Small Business, Big Impact: How to Support Employees Experiencing Family and Domestic Violence Leave demonstrate that Australians have actively sought information about the government’s initiative regarding paid family and domestic violence (FDV) leave in the last six months. Furthermore, this podcast project will involve a wider audience in conversations on the best ways small firms can assist and deal with workers who are victims of abuse or at risk of it.

Workplaces are crucial in combating family violence, as stated by Australia’s Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth. She stated, “We are committed to ensuring survivors of abuse receive the support they need in and outside of the workplace without risking their safety.” In addition, our mission is to inform as many Australians as we can about the various rights and support services that they and their loved ones can take advantage of.

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All Australian workers, including temporary workers, are eligible for the programme, which offers 10 days of paid leave every year. Gretel Killeen hosts the podcast, which premiered in August 2023, to help small businesses implement this leave benefit in a tactful and compliant manner. In addition, it offers direction on trauma-informed actions and supports workers as they return to their jobs following such difficulties.

The podcast, according to Luke Achterstraat, CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, has been crucial in assisting small businesses in understanding their obligations and providing assistance to their staff. Lastly, he stated that as small enterprises employ over five million people, it is imperative to continue providing appropriate help in cases of domestic and familial violence.

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