Female Workers Prefer Flexibility In 2024



Three out of five female employees are eager to shift employment with a new employer, and 23 percent of them say they are actively looking for new chances in 2024. It appears that women value flexibility as one of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to looking for a new employer.

Work180 developed the What Women Want study, which focuses on connecting women with employers who are a good fit and revealed this as one of several important findings. 769 respondents participated in the study over one month, sharing their needs, goals, and objectives for the future during interviews.

For instance, 75% of respondents said that flexible and remote work was more important than a top-of-the-market salary—a preference shared by respondents who were non-white and disabled.

Leveling up is another area of attention for the report’s respondents, with 22% of them concentrating on progressing to the next phase of their careers and 18% on assuming leadership roles.

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Preventing sexual harassment at work and promoting pay transparency are other concerns regarding the most important employer policies for female employees, after flexibility. The demand for pay transparency is highest among respondents in Generation Z (born 1997-2012), who will make up 25% of the workforce by 2025.

A whopping 45% of workers want to know what their companies are doing to close the gender pay gap. This is an increase from the previous year. Even said, over half (55%) of the respondents said they would still apply to a company if they could demonstrate a commitment to addressing the gender wage gap.

Discrimination is another obstacle preventing women from advancing in their careers. Almost half of the respondents (46%) said they felt unable to be who they truly are at work, particularly if they have multiple aspects of their identities that could lead to discrimination, like those who have hidden disabilities.

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