P&G India Launches Initiative For Families With Special Needs


Procter & Gamble (P&G) India has introduced the Lead With Care project to give critical assistance to working parents of disabled children. This campaign, seen as a game changer and a beneficial intervention by P&G employees, demonstrates P&G India’s commitment to the well-being of its staff.

P&G India workers may use Lead With Care to get early preventative care and treatment for their children who have neurodevelopmental, cognitive, behavioural, or physical disabilities. This programme aims to address the issues that these families face while also making the workplace more inclusive and welcoming.

“This programme gives us hope and reassurance that we are not struggling alone,” said a P&G India employee who is also the father of a special needs child. P&G’s efforts to give additional support and help to special-needs children are genuinely admirable.”

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“The policy’s provisions will improve the lives of many families who have been struggling to meet their children’s special needs.” It’s heartening to see that P&G understands the need of fostering a more open and supportive community that embraces and celebrates diversity.”

The scheme covers medical coverage for qualified dependent children, including treatments, consultations, specific devices, and drugs. Working parents are also given access to excellent care and a specialist teaching environment favourable to intervention and rehabilitation through professional nursery support. A 24/7 Employee aid Programme (EAP) also provides professional counselling and aid to parents confronting the challenges of caring for special needs children.

“This is consistent with our philosophy that prevention is better than cure,” Patnam M. Srinivas, Vice-President, Human Resources, P&G India, concluded. We feel that only when our employees and their families are really happy and healthy at heart will they be able to bring their whole selves to work.” 

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