Uber To Raise Minimum Wage For French Drivers


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Uber Technologies will raise its French minimum wage as part of a Wednesday agreement between ride-hailing businesses and driver representatives.

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In addition to a fixed revenue of 30 euros per hour and 1 euro per kilometer, an increase from the 7.65 euros they were previously making, drivers will now receive a minimum income of 9 euros ($9.85) per trip.

The increases in wages for each travel will go into effect in February, but by May of the following year, the minimum wage per km and the hourly income guarantee will be revised.

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Bloomberg News released on Wednesday that minimum wage for the ride-hailing services Bolt and Free Now has also been raised

Furthermore, the European Union reached a tentative agreement on a measure to provide Uber and Deliveroo employees with benefits this month.

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Since app-based delivery workers are independent contractors, they are not subject to minimum wage laws.

he European Parliament says misclassified independent contractors “miss out on important labour and social protection rights.” The “gig workers’ rights” bill, which needs European Parliament and Council approval, will prevent this.

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“The assurance package that we have recently reached demonstrates the robustness of sectoral social discourse in France,” said Yves Weisselberger, president of the advocacy group FFTPR for ride-hailing brands.

Earlier this month, a state appeals court in New York upheld the minimum wage law for app-based delivery workers in New York City, which requires businesses to pay their employees $17.96 per hour, with a rise to nearly $20 in April 2025.

0.9134 euros are equivalent to one dollar.

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