DHL Promotes Global Volunteer Day For Staff


Global Volunteer Day (GVD) is being observed for the fifteenth year by DHL Group, encouraging its employees to participate. From September 18 to October 1, 2023, is the primary activity period for GDV. Furthermore, numerous special events are being organised around the globe during this time.

Since its launch in 2008 in Singapore, GVD has spread to all corners of the globe, enabling staff members to volunteer for nonprofit organisations back home. Over the years, almost 1.3 million volunteers have signed up and contributed over 3.1 million hours of volunteer labour. 

‘Follow the Sun’ was chosen as the slogan to motivate volunteers in honour of DHL Group’s 15th anniversary. Over the course of fifteen weeks, group members completed activities in fifteen different countries: the US, Paraguay, Panama, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Madagascar, Serbia, Uganda, and Germany.

All that is required is that the initiatives and work that staff members do align with the main tenets of DHL Group’s sustainability plan.

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Human Resources Board Member Thomas Ogilvie stated, “Beyond connecting people and bettering lives, we must also positively impact the communities in which we operate and serve.” As a result, DHL Group supports and promotes activities associated with Global Volunteer Day.

“We are proud of the positive impact our employees make with their GVD projects.”

DHL has accumulated over 3.1 million hours of voluntary work since that year, with approximately 100,000 employees annually donating to GVD.

Ogilvie continued, “Membership to a team is not sufficient for us; we also value a sense of belonging.” “It is about working to make things better for the people and places around us and being a part of a community.”

A collective of 22,000 hours was volunteered by more than 5,800 employees in 2022 in support of 300 initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Social services, health and well-being, environmental protection, disaster management, education and vocational training, and refugee assistance have been the focal points of employee engagementP

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