Employees In Australia Are Less Likely To Work Remotely



The number of remote workers in Australia has decreased as more managers require employees to come into the office at certain intervals during the day.

According to , workplace experts anticipate that the number of people working from home will not change in 2024. This is due to customers’ increased desire for a better work-life balance and a shortage of competent labor in particular industries, which may allow employees to work from anywhere.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that 37% of workers completed the most of their work from home in August. “This was higher than pre-pandemic levels,” Bjorn Jarvis remarked. This was less than the 40% recorded in 2021 at the same period, when more areas of the nation remained under lockdown.

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“This shows that many of the changes in how people behave and how they work have continued after the pandemic,” Jarvis stated. “Before the pandemic, the number of employed people who regularly worked from home had been steadily rising by about 1% every two years.”

Dr. Connie Zheng who is the co-director of the Center for Workplace Excellence at the University of South Australia thinks that people will continue to work from home in 2024. This is despite a rising demand for on-site employment due to a shortage of highly educated workers. She said: “This could only make workers more inclined to demand that their employers offer flexible working arrangements. For example, working from home or by themselves.”

However, they would be more likely to go back to work if they wanted to improve in their careers or if they felt alone and couldn’t talk to their coworkers.

The ABS data showed that professionals and managers are much more likely to work from home compared to the average worker which is at 22% agaisnt 60%.

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