New UAE Private Tutor Work Permit Lets You Work From Home


Private tuitions are now officially authorized in the UAE, thanks to the implementation of a new permit system that allows individuals to provide lessons outside of regular educational institutions. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) have jointly created a two-year permit that is now open for applications by registered teachers, employed professionals, jobless individuals, school students aged 15 to 18, and university students.

Furthermore, the permission, which is free of charge, is intended to govern private tuition and to prevent illicit acts in the industry. Applicants must apply using the MoHRE’s digital channels, specifically the ‘Private Teacher Work Permit’ area under the ‘Services’ button on the ministry’s website.

“The introduction of a permit for individuals qualified to provide private lessons will help curb illegal and unregulated practices when recruiting private teachers, which risk affecting the learning process as a whole,” said Mohammad Al Mualla, Ministry of Education’s undersecretary for Academic Affairs.

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Key points about the new private tutor license:

  • Eligibility and Application: The permit is open to registered teachers, employed and unemployed individuals, as well as school and university students aged 15 to 18. In addition, applicants can submit requests through the MoHRE’s digital platforms.

  • Validity and Cost: The permit is valid for two years and is issued free of charge. Moreover, qualified individuals granted the permit can offer private lessons and generate direct income, provided they adhere to a ‘code of conduct’ approved by the ministry.

  • Penalties: Offering private lessons without the issued permit may result in fines and other penalties. Furthermore, the ministry, however, did not specify the exact amounts or details of the penalties.

  • Geographical Flexibility: Licensed tutors can work from their home countries, provided they have valid residency.

  • Coverage: The license covers both online and in-person tutoring under a single permit.

  • Student Limit: There is no specified cap on the number of students a tutor can teach.

  • Processing Time: The ministry estimates a processing time of one to five working days for the permit.

  • Application Denial: In case of denial, applicants can submit another request after a six-month period.

  • Required Documents: Documents needed for the permit include valid UAE residency (passport/Emirates ID), signed declaration, certificate of good conduct, no-objection certificate from the employer, no-objection certificate from the guardian (for students offering private tuitions), experience certificate and a photo with a white background.

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