Singapore A Top Destination For Remote Work In Asia


Singapore has been named one of the best countries in Asia to work remotely. This is because of its “world-leading” digital and physical infrastructure as well as e-government and public transport.

Singapore ranks 28th out of 109 countries studied in NordLayer’s newest Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), which looks to evaluate and rank countries on their attributes as a remote work destination and in attracting digital nomads by having the world’s fourth best internet quality.

According to NordLayer, other factors may include the fact that Singapore’s superior cybersecurity infrastructure, tourism attraction, and English language competency (both placed third).


NordLayer said that Singapore has to strengthen its economic and social safety, as well as its inclusivity and personal rights. Singapore’s high cost of living has also been suggested as a possible deterrent to staying and working there.

Singapore ranks higher in Southeast Asia than Malaysia (41st), Thailand (49th), and Indonesia (68th). These are countries that have significant tourist appeal. Malaysia ranked higher than Singapore in terms of economic and cyber safety. As a result of the country’s lower cost of living and more stringent cybercrime regulations.  

Indonesia has the lowest cost of living within Southeast Asia. Therefore, the country is considered a more enticing location for inexpensive remote work destinations.

Only South Korea (17) and Japan (22) placed higher in Asia than Singapore, and no Asian country reached the top 10 list, which is based on four main judging criteria: cyber safety, economic safety, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety. 

“[Remote work] is not just a trend — it is a fundamental shift in how we approach productivity and work-life balance,” stated Donatas Tamelis, Managing Director of NordLayer. Accepting remote work allows our teams to maximise their capabilities regardless of geographical constraints.”

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