Cognizant Latest Indian Firm To Request Staff Return To Work



The most recent company in India to require its workers to return to work on a daily basis is the Indian division of the US-based IT company Cognizant.

Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar S. issued a memo advising all Indian staff members to “aim to be present in the office for an average of three days per week, or as determined by their team leader.”

Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic’s mandate for remote work would stop with the release of this document. The report did not specify the exact date on which this instruction would become operative.

According to Cognizant, working from home promotes greater teamwork and understanding of corporate culture. During the in-person time, Kumar asked staff members to prioritise tasks “that benefit greatly from being together,” like team development, training, and collaborative projects.

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According to the memo, the company will also be releasing a new hybrid work scheduling software for managers in India to assist them in managing schedules and reserving office space for their staff.

Many Cognizant employees have criticised this decision, complaining on social media about the loss of flexibility and work-life balance that results.

According to a Cognizant representative who talked with Reuters, this new hybrid model “will define the future of work”. In addition, as many of its partners reside in Tier-2 cities throughout India, they are dedicated to continuing their expansion there.

Lastly, with 347,700 employees, the majority of whom work in India—roughly 254,000—Cognizant has the largest workforce of any company.

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