Workplaces In South Korea Are Tense Between Generations



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A new poll by the National Labour Relations Commission says that workplace tensions in South Korea are on the rise between generations.

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Across the country, 43.3% of the 3,105 respondents expressed concern about increasing conflicts with MZ Generations (Millennials and Gen Z) workers. There were more people worried about this amount than about being discriminated against, fired, or punished. Few people (31%) said that being fired or punished caused them to fight. In addition, only 8.8% said that sexual abuse or discrimination was a source of conflict. Only 0.1% of people reported experiencing bullying at work.

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Conducted online from January 15 to 26, the poll reflects broader trends observed in numerous workplaces, where conflicts over work hours, methods, and company culture have escalated into significant social issues.

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These disagreements happen because MZ and older groups have different traits and expectations. Older workers value loyalty and experience, but younger workers, especially those in Gen Z, value independence, freedom, and having a purpose at work.

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The poll also asked people about their thoughts on job mobility. Seventy-six percent of those who answered said they thought there would be more job changes. The Korea Times stated that the levels of optimism varied by age group, with people under 30 being the most optimistic at 81.4%. People in their 40s followed this at 74.3%, with those in their 50s at 74.1%, and finally those aged 60 or older at 67.5%

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