LSEG To Provide 26 weeks Of Paid Parental Leave Globally


The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has announced that its employees around the world will have 26 weeks of fully paid family leave starting July 1, 2024.

All LSEG employees who have worked there for more than 12 months will be able to take the new global parental leave when they have a kid. This is true no matter what gender the parent is, how they became a parent, or where in the world they live. In places where local rules allow for more paid leave than the global 26 weeks, these will also be followed.

Following the leave, the employee can gradually return to work over eight weeks, working 80% of their usual hours while receiving full-time pay.

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LSEG is also increasing parental leave and adding more leave to help families whose babies need care right after they are born. This plan includes and gives up to 12 weeks of extra leave to parents whose babies need extra medical care in the 28 days after birth. Being premature is not a requirement to be eligible.

This improvement aims to support workers during important times in their lives and demonstrate LSEG’s ongoing commitment to fairness, diversity, and inclusion. In addition, this will make sure that all LSEG parents have the same chance to care for their children.

Eileen Bourne, LSEG’s Chief People Officer, said, “We are excited to offer these new services that show how committed we are to being an inclusive workplace.” With our new global parental leave, we can help make the workplace more supportive of shared parental duty and work towards gender equality in our field. We’re always looking for ways to give our employees perks that encourage inclusion, improve the work experience, and make coworkers feel their best.

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