South Korea Employers May Hire More In 2024

south korea

south korea

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Over fifty percent of South Korean businesses are actively seeking to fill open positions with new workers in the current year.

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According to the findings of a poll that was carried out by employment Korea, an employment platform, which solicited responses from 313 corporate human resource managers, this is the case. There are 58.8 percent of the firms that aim to hire new personnel this year, according to the respondents.

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In the meantime, according to Pulse News, 22% of the organisations have not verified their plans to hire. Additionally, 19.2% of the organisations have claimed that they have no plans at all.

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Sixty-one percent of the respondents from the organisations that have intentions to hire personnel have mentioned that they will hire both entry-level and experienced workers. This represents around three out of every five respondents.

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Production and on-site occupations account for 20.7% of all job openings, followed by domestic sales at 19.6%, sales management at 18.5%, marketing at 17.9%, human resources and accounting at 17.4%, and research and development at 16.8%. The most prevalent job positions for hiring are production and on-site jobs.

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According to the results, the expectations of the job market for this year are predicted to be equivalent to those of the previous year for more than half of the companies that participated in the survey (46.6% of the companies). Nevertheless, more than thirty percent of those who responded displayed that the job market would be worse than it was the previous year. Furthermore, twenty-eight percent claimed that it would improve this year. That is a significant difference from the previous year.

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