Popular ramen chain penalises workers for sick leave, toilet breaks

Popular ramen chain penalises workers for sick leave, toilet breaks

Popular ramen chain penalises workers for sick leave, toilet breaksRecently, a popular ramen chain has come under fire for its controversial practice of charging employees for sick days and also other unjust fines for behavioural offences.

Yesterday, a disgruntled social media user posted a picture of the staff’s responsibility list and the fines they would pay for breaking various rules.

Thus, many people were calling on authorities to take action after the post went viral on various social networking sites.

The notice states that the food and beverage establishment assessed fines ranging from RM30 to RM500.

Certain infractions of behaviour are to be anticipated. Still, according to netizens, some, like the fines for taking a bathroom break or being unwell, were startling and immoral.


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The dispute has spurred a discussion concerning companies’ obligations and employees’ rights.

“Any lawyers here? Pretty sure this is against the law, right? Especially labour law. And a company’s policies are not above the law,” said a Reddit user.

Since then, The New Straits Times has contacted the ramen chain’s management, implicated in the posting, but has not heard back.

The New Straits Times was informed by Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister, Steven Sim, that the ramen chain would be subject to legal action for violating the code of conduct.

“Employers cannot deduct salaries except for items allowed by law, such as Employees Provident Fund, Social Security Organisation, and income tax.

“Salary deductions cannot be used for other purposes, including disciplinary measures. Disciplinary measures must be addressed through a proper procedure of Domestic Inquiry,” said Sim.

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