Digital Nomad Visa In Japan. All Details Are Here:



Japan wants to help digital nomads who make at least ¥10 million ($68,300) a year by giving them six-month visas.

Digital nomads from 49 countries and territories will be able to get the “specified activities” visa category, according to a story in the Japan Times. Nomads are people who work from home and move between places for short or medium-term stays. This also goes for candidates who are self-employed.

The U.S., Australia, and Singapore are all qualified for this program because they already have tax treaties and agreements with Japan that get rid of the need for short-term visas.

A poll of nomads showed that most of them wanted longer stays than the current 90-day limit for visa-free short-term stays. This is why the six-month limit was chosen. Anyone in Japan will be able to work from home, without having to have an official job in the country.

Those who want to apply must also have their own private health insurance. Spouses and children can travel with the digital nomad to Japan with the visa.

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People with a digital nomad visa won’t get a residence card or certificate, which usually let people get some government benefits. Additionally, you cannot renew the visa and must reapply for it, which is only possible six months after departing from Japan.

A Brother Abroad, a U.S. travel information website, says that over 35 million digital nomads around the world make $787 billion a year for the economy. This shows that digital nomadism is becoming more popular around the world. Governments around the world are supporting this move toward working from home because they see digital nomads as a way to boost tourists and innovation at home.

Japan is now one of more than 50 countries that gives passes to digital nomads. But the length of stay varies. For example, South Korea lets people stay for up to two years, while Taiwan lets people stay for three years and gives them the chance to apply for permanent registration.

Some digital nomads have already been working in Japan with different visas, but groups that support them have been pushing for visas just for them. As part of its larger tourist efforts last year, the government promised to make these kinds of visas.

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