Japan aims to draw digital nomads, but there are restrictions

Japan aims to draw digital nomads, but there are restrictions

Japan aims to draw digital nomads, but there are restrictionsTravelers who work remotely from anywhere they want are known as digital nomads. Due to its affordable housing and temperate environment, they frequently relocate to Asia. But up until now, they have had trouble establishing themselves in Japan since the nation hasn’t provided them with a special visa. But starting in March, that will no longer be the case.

As of this day, Japan will be one of the roughly 60 nations in the world that grant visas to remote workers who do all of their business remotely. However, the standards set by the administration of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are significantly more stringent than those that apply in other parts of the world.

As a result, the Japanese government states that digital nomads who want to work from home must prove they make at least ¥10 million annually. This information is reported by The Japan Times. They need to have their health insurance as well.


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Foreign remote workers can operate from any Japanese city with this valuable certificate. However, they will never be permitted to accept a position locally again. Additionally, they won’t be able to lease a place for an extended period.

The duration of the Japanese visa for digital nomads is six months. It cannot be renewed and does not grant workers access to permanent residency in the nation. After their visa expires, those who want to return to Japan must wait six months before reapplying.

Furthermore, not everyone will be able to obtain this visa. Only citizens of the 49 nations and territories—including the United States, Australia, and Singapore—with which Japan has an arrangement for a tax treaty or visa exemption are qualified.

In online groups of digital nomads, introducing this new visa generated quite a commotion, with some taking offense at the criteria made by the Japanese government. In a Reddit thread on Japan, a poster called it a “glorified tourist visa.”

Numerous nations extend a warm welcome to international digital nomads by providing them with very alluring visas. For instance, they can remain in South Korea for two years. With a five-year visa for digital nomads, Spain is the best place for digital nomads.

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