How Singapore Attracts Digital Nomads Worldwide



Digital nomads have a wide range of options when it comes to working remotely, including Singapore. The nation has achieved a ranking of 28th out of 109 countries, thanks to its exceptional digital and physical infrastructure, efficient e-governance, robust cybersecurity measures, attractive tourism offerings, and widespread English proficiency.

Furthermore, the nation continues to be a popular choice for people looking for work abroad. According to Deel’s State of worldwide recruiting Report 2023, Singapore is among the “South-East Asian countries with the fastest growth in terms of global hiring.” Additionally, the nation was listed as the sixth most sought-after destination in the world for visas in 2023.

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Karen Ng, Regional Head of Expansion & Market Lead, Singapore, Hong Kong, ASEAN, India, Deel, claims that the nation’s prominence as a hub for worldwide employment is actually responsible for its high position. With government-led programmes like the ONE Pass, Tech@SG, and Tech Pass, Singapore is the preferred location for international workers and companies to establish regional centres.

Ng told HRM Asia, “Singapore draws talent, but it has a shortage in highly specialised roles, forcing local organisations to hire globally.” Businesses are starting to shift to a more adaptable and dynamic model of global employment as finding the right people becomes more and more of a struggle. Companies are growing more flexible in their hiring and staffing practices as remote work experience opens up a variety of options beyond complete offshore.

Ng is optimistic about Singapore’s potential as a global employment hub due to the belief that it can attract exceptional talent from both local and international sources. “A new world of work is emerging,” she said, “where highly skilled global employees are becoming less tied to specific physical locations.”

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