Full-time office worker? Atlassian says never again



Return-to-office (RTO) regulations are causing employees to work in the office, if only in part, as a result of which a sizable section of the workforce is currently experiencing. Nevertheless, Atlassian, a digital company that specialises in collaborative software, believes that remote work, flexible scheduling, and other similar trends are here to stay. The company just published a report that details their first 1,000 days of operations with a “distributed” workforce.

Lessons Learned: 1,000 Days of Distributed at Atlassian asserts that the ability to work from home (WFH) is crucial for employees to put in longer and more effective workdays.

The entrepreneur and co-founder of Atlassian, Scott Farquhar, stated that companies that attempt to go back to pre-pandemic working conditions will not be productive to the fullest extent possible. It’s better to have flexible work options; being spontaneous at work is old-fashioned “corporate folklore” that you should avoid.

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Farquhar said that people who talk about working from home “want to know where the work takes place but not how it takes place.”” “The truth is that most businesses already operate in a distributed manner, whether it be with coworkers in different time zones or with customers and clients in different offices.” 

According to a research based on interviews with Atlassian employees, 92% of respondents said that the company’s distributed work philosophy enables them to work efficiently and effectively, and 91% said that it was a major factor in their decision to remain with the company.

According to an Atlassian assessment of 200 other large firms worldwide, back-to-back meetings, unclear priorities, perplexing emails, and incessantly distracting notifications were the main obstacles to productivity—rather than physical location. In the future, work will grow more scattered, according to 99% of CEOs questioned.

 According to Annie Dean, Global Head of Team Anywhere at Atlassian, “distributed work isn’t a sacrifice – it’s a huge opportunity for businesses and for people, especially underrepresented groups.” 

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