Filipino Workers Are Looking For Part-time Work


More Filipino workers are working part-time to augment their income and achieve financial security. 60% of employees in the Philippines presently work part-time, with younger workers being the most dedicated.

84% of part-time workers stated the prolonged economic slump had caused changes in their purchasing habits.

According to Agile Data Solutions, 78% of men and 76% of women with part-time employment feel the need to conserve their money, with Generation Z and Millennials avoiding non-essential expenditures. Furthermore, women often retain a single part-time job, but males frequently hold two or more occupations.

Financial independence is the number one aim for 83% of Gen Z (18-25), compared to 76% of earlier generations (41-60). Flexibility was more important to older generations where 47% felt that it was critical. However, only 25% of Gen Z participants agreed.

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81% of men and 84% of women believe that having good communication skills is necessary to get part-time employment. The study indicates that contact centre roles are the most in-demand part-time occupations, with virtual assistant, service crew, IT, and sales professions following closely behind.

Additionally, Philstar claims that people of all ages find that working from home provides the best working atmosphere.

According to Jason Gaguan, Chairman and CEO of Agile Data Solutions, “Filipinos today aren’t just adapting to the digital age—they’re truly making the most of it.”

 With all of the new technology and internet platforms available, many people are able to locate employment that match their tastes and skills. It demonstrates the versatility and spirit of today’s Filipino workforce.” 

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