Thailand Retains Modest Minimum Wage Hike



It has been verified by a senior government source that Thailand will continue forward with its proposal to increase the average daily minimum wage by 2.37% beginning in January 2024. This decision was made after a complete assessment was started by the government. During this review, a wage committee that included representatives from the government, employers, and employees came to a consensus on the modification to the pay threshold.

A statement made by Pairoj Chotikasathien, the Permanent Secretary of Labour, indicated that the revised wage range will be between 330 and 370 baht. This range is equivalent to the range of $9.45 to $10.59 in United States currency. As of right now, the minimum pay can range anywhere from 328 baht to 354 baht, which is equivalent to approximately $9.39 to $10.13 USD. The actual number for the minimum wage varies from one region of the country to another.

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Chotikasathien emphasized that the pay rise is based on the most recent economic statistics and is considered to be “appropriate with equality, fairness, and reliability.”

The pay committee is steadfast in its decision, despite the fact that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed misgivings about the 2.37% increase, which she considered to be insufficient. According to Thavisin, a higher threshold of 400 baht (about $11.45) should be implemented. This idea, on the other hand, was met with opposition from organizations that were concerned about the possibility of rising running costs during a period of economic instability.

Moreover, Chotikasathien noted that the pay committee is willing to take into consideration the possibility of making modifications to the technique that is used to decide salary increases. According to Reuters, it is believed that this evaluation will result in another prospective salary increase in either April or May of the twentieth century.

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