Minimum Wage Hike In Thailand Put On Hold



Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has rejected proposed hikes to Thailand’s minimum daily wage, claiming that the sums proposed are “too small” to accommodate growing living costs.

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The proposed tariffs, which were determined by a tripartite commission, are just 2 to 16 baht (US$0.06 to US$0.45) more than the current rate, with a range of 330 to 370 baht (US$9.25 to US$10.37) each province.

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When the proposed tariffs are brought before the Cabinet for approval, Thavisin has declared that he will vote against them. 

He contended that the little increments would provide little comfort to the millions of employees who rely on their daily pay, especially in light of growing living costs.

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“Millions of people still rely on their daily wages and the rise of just 2 to 7 baht (US$0.06 to US$0.20) in some provinces is too little,” said the minister of finance.

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Thavisin, Thailand’s Finance Minister, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the proposed 2-baht rise for employees in the southernmost provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. He deemed the amount inadequate and sought more discussions with the tripartite group to find a more “appropriate” minimum wage rate.

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Thavisin emphasised the significance of addressing employees’ well-being and urged businesses to go above and above the planned rates, highlighting government initiatives such as lower power prices that benefited them. Despite worries about discouraging investment, he proposed a 400 baht (US$11.21) minimum daily salary in important provinces.

“It’s time to reflect on improving employees’ quality of life,” he remarked, according to The National.

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