Kuala Lumpur is the 6th most visited city in the world

Kuala Lumpur is the 6th most visited city in the world

Kuala Lumpur is the 6th most visited city in the worldThe Global Destinations Cities Index is the result of  Mastercard’s study. Cities are ranked according to the total number of foreign overnight visitors and cross-border spending.

This research lists the world’s most popular cities and tourism sites.

Through an analysis of international travel trends and their impact on metropolitan economies, the index also forecasts visitor growth in the upcoming year.

Kuala Lumpur is placed 6th on the rank with 13.79 million international visitors. Last year, Kuala Lumpur ranked 7th on the list.

Tourists found Kuala Lumpur to be charming due to the mosques and temples that stand out from the shiny buildings because it is home to a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian people. This celebration of the old and the new can also be seen in the high-fashion shopping stores and lively street markets that stand out from each other.

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Meanwhile, Bangkok, ranked 1st, receives almost 22 million foreign visitors annually, making it the most visited city worldwide. More thorough research reveals trends among visitors, including an average stay of 4.7 nights and an average daily expenditure of $173 USD.

With 8.26 million foreign visitors, the well-known island of Bali is ranked 19th on the list. Social media users seem to like Bali’s varied areas and somber aesthetics; just search for Bali on Instagram to see an abundance of beautiful images.

Paris, a reliable vacation spot, is still in the 2nd place. This emphasizes how tourists look for locations with diverse attractions, unique cultures, and commercial prospects. In the upcoming year, Paris is expected to welcome 19.10 million foreign visitors.

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These cities’ unique selling characteristics demonstrate that individuals are no longer only following trends—rather, they are creating them by looking for what fits.

Top tourist locations are ones with a variety of environments and attractions. This is a verified pattern that we have also observed in the world’s top visited nations.

The world’s most popular cities each have their own unique speed and color, ranging from slow and romantic to quick and modern.

Here is the full ranking of the top 20 most visited city in the world:

1. Bangkok: 22.78 Million Visitors

2. Paris: 19.10 Million Visitors

3. London: 19.09 Million Visitors

4. Dubai: 15.93 Million Visitors

5. Singapore: 14.67 Million Visitors

6. Kuala Lumpur: 13.79 Million Visitors

7. New York: 13.60 Million Visitors

8. Istanbul: 13.40 Million Visitors

9. Tokyo: 12.93 Million Visitors

10. Antalya: 12.41 Million Visitors

11. Seoul: 11.25 Million Visitors

12. Osaka: 10.14 Million Visitors

13. Makkah: 10 Million Visitors

14. Phuket: 9.89 Million Visitors

15. Pattaya: 9.44 Million Visitors

16. Milan: 9.10 Million Visitors

17. Barcelona: 9.09 Million Visitors

18. Palma De Mallorca: 8.96 Million Visitors

19. Bali: 8.26 Million Visitors

20. Hong Kong SAR: 8.23 Million Visitors

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