Which Country Can Employees Find The Best Work-life Balance?

Which Country Can Employees Find The Best Work-life Balance?

Which Country Can Employees Find The Best Work-life Balance?

New Zealand, Spain and France top the list globally while Taiwan and Singapore are the best at providing a work-life balance in Asia. 

New Zealand, Spain and France are recognised as the world’s top three in offering the best work-life balance according to the Remote’s Global Life-Work Balance Index

As for Asia, Taiwan stands at 16th while Singapore is at 19th place. Both made it to the top 20 globally while South Korea stands at 32nd, Thailand at 33rd, Vietnam at 35th, Philippines at 36th, Japan at 38th and Hong Kong at 39th making it to the top 40 globally. 

Asia rankings:

  1. Taiwan (16th globally)

  2. Singapore (19th globally)

  3. South Korea (32nd globally)

  4. Thailand (33rd globally)

  5. Vietnam (35th globally)

  6. Philippines (36th globally)

  7. Japan (38th globally)

  8. Hong Kong (39th globally)

  9. India (43rd globally)

  10. China (47th globally)

  11. Indonesia (51st globally)

  12. Malaysia (59th globally)

The rankings are determined by assessing the following factors that are considered as ‘ a tangible representation of well-being in the workplace’:

  • Statutory annual leave

  • Minimum statutory sick pay percentage

  • Paid maternity leave and payment rate

  • Minimum wage

  • Healthcare system

  • Happiness index

  • Average hours worked per week

  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity

Based of these factors, Remote revealed that the top 5 globally with the best work-life balance are as follows: 

1.New Zealand ( Overall index score: 79.35 )

New Zealand ranked top as the country offers a generous number of statutory annual leave which is 32 days, a high rate of sick pay of 80% and a government funded universal health care system. The country also offers the highest minimum wage among the countries. 

2. Spain ( Overall index score: 75.55 )

This country is particularly generous when it comes to statutory leaves which are 36 days. It also has the shortest working weeks on average. 

3. France ( Overall index score: 75.34 )

Most workers in France have a wonderful work-life balance as they are able to enjoy ample free time because the average work week is only 26 hours. The country also has a generous minimum wage and 36 days of statutory holidays per year. 

4. Australia ( Overall index score: 73.71 )

Australia offers the highest minimum annual wage per hour of any nation in the world. The country also supports its workers with a robust public health care system.

5. Denmark ( Overall index score: 73.67 )

Often considered as the happiest country on earth, Denmark offers its workers a generous 36 days annual leave, 100% sick pay and universal health care support. This country is also Europe’s most LGBTQ-friendly country.

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