What Skills Are Leading The Way In 2023?

What Skills Are Leading The Way In 2023?

What Skills Are Leading The Way In 2023?

Among the fastest growing skills are data science, office programme management and risk management. 

Skills such as financial control, accounting & audit, project management and financial planning led the way to the top 10 most in-demand skills for the year 2023, according to Business Talent Group’s 2023 Skills Index.

As reported in the Index, there seems to be a demand for finance professionals this year, amid a 71% increase in the number of requests for interim finance executives among employers. 

Employers are also focusing on emerging technologies with many seeking on-demand talent with skills in technology and implementation systems such as AI and machine learning & data science. Each with a 100% demand per the findings. 

These are the top 10 skills most sought after:

  1. Financial controls, accounting, and audit

  2. Project management

  3. Financial planning, analysis, and modelling

  4. Growth strategy

  5. Organisational design and workforce planning

  6. Technology and systems implementation

  7. Market access and value

  8. Strategic planning

  9. Operational excellence

  10. Supply chain

Apart from the above skills, the Index also revealed the top 10 fastest growing skills for 2023:

  1. Lean/six sigma/total quality management

  2. Divestitures and spinouts

  3. Programme management office (PMO)

  4. Manufacturing strategy

  5. Risk management

  6. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  7. Data science

  8. Turnaround and restructuring

  9. Treasury

  10. Channel management

Sandra Pinnavaia, EVP, Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, Business Talent Group, shared that she believes that these skills will evolve and give a pronounced impact on an organisation’s ability to remain competitive and profitable. 

“Organisations are currently working to keep up with the pace of technological and innovative change, all while navigating a shifting labour market and economic uncertainty. These equally important yet competing priorities call for a wide range of skill sets – and today’s business leaders will need to embrace creativity and agility in sourcing them.”

About the research

The Skills Index is an annual examination of proprietary data on thousands of on-demand projects such as enterprise, mid-market companies and private equity firms and global nonprofit organisations. The research from BTG tells business executives of critical areas of demand in 2023, such as personnel capable of assisting clients in meeting pressing financial needs, transforming operations to improve efficiency, smoothly adopting new technologies, and placing wise bets for growth.

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