10 Hottest New Career

10 Hottest New Career

10 Hottest New Career

A study done by Workyard shared information on the top in-demand career by workers in the current employment market. 

The research took data from Google, LinkedIn and Indeed job openings as well as the number of professionals available from June 2022 to June 2023. The results were then compiled into an overview of the top ten most in-demand occupations. 

1. AI prompt engineer


With 7,000 job openings and with the highest Google search count of over 60,000, indicates that there is a strong interest among individuals searching for careers in this field. As of currently, there are 3,500 professionals of which 920 are from the United States.

2. Human integration specialist

This career has over 6,000 job openings, LinkedIn Jobs shows a relatively lower count compared to the first one with 980 job openings while Indeed jobs listed around 5,020 jobs within this field. Presently, there are no registered professionals in the US and there is only one human integration specialist globally. 

3. 3D printing engineer

The searches on Google came up to 9,000 indicating a significant interest from the job market. Out of the 3,000 professionals globally, 700 are from the US. 

4. AI product manager


Similar to the 3D printing engineer, AI product managers also have about 3,000 job openings. However, the Google search for this career is rather low at 4,000. The number of professionals in this field matches 3D printing engineers which indicates a comparable level of demand.

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5. Drone manager

This role had only 1,500 job openings indicating a lower demand compared to the previous careers. Also, the Google search count is relatively low as well at 1,500. This indicates a limited interest in the field. Currently, there are 25 out of 90 individuals globally that hold the position in the US. 

6. AI research scientist

This career has 850 job openings. However, it has a high Google search count with 7,550 indicating a significant interest. Currently, there are 2,500 professional working in this field of which 650 are based in the US. 

7. Augmented reality experience designer

10 Hottest New Career

Behind AI research scientists, this career has 800 job openings and a low count of 350 Google searches. The number of professionals globally remains limited with only 9 professionals currently working in this field. 

8. Digital currency advisors

10 Hottest New Career

While having 500 job openings only on LinkedIn and Indeed, the Google search count is at 150. As of currently, there are only 30 professionals listed in this role which suggests a smaller community. 

9. Virtual reality therapist

With only 300 job openings, it has a high interest with 2,000 Google searches. According to the data, there are currently 15 professionals working in this field, three of which are based in the US. 

10. AI ethicist

10 Hottest New Career

This career has only nine job openings while having 1,000 Google searches. There are currently 300 professionals in this field in the US while 191 are internationally.

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