Pelindo Considers Indonesian SOE Four-day Workweek Pilot


As the operator of an Indonesian state-owned port, Pelindo is cautiously optimistic about the government’s pilot plan that gives workers in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) Fridays off.

The programme, which is led by Erick Thohir, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, promotes SOEs to cut down on their workweeks. Under this plan, workers can get to 40 hours per week by working longer hours on the other weekdays. This gives them two longer weekends each month.

Ihsanuddin Usman, CHRO of Pelindo, said that the idea will make employees happier and help fight rising mental health problems. However, he also said that it will be hard for operations that run around the clock, like port management.

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Furthermore, Ihsanuddin told HRM Asia that to make sure service continuity, “careful planning and consideration” are needed. He said that we need a more nuanced approach that takes into account how the plan might affect different groups of employees.

He said, “Offering Fridays off must make sure that all employees have equal access to this policy, whether they work in the back office or on a shift. This will reduce feelings of anger or unfair treatment.”

Before starting the project, Pelindo plans to do in-depth research on employee performance and equal employment practices. Ihsanuddin also said that these studies will be very important in figuring out if the plan will work for Pelindo’s workplace.

“Having Friday off could be the next big thing.” There isn’t a single answer that will work for everyone because this is a change that is changing the future of work. “That kind of flexibility is what employees can get behind in the end,” he said.

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