Singaporean Workers Feel More Isolated At Work



Due to the absence of reliable professional relationships, Singaporean workers struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. The most recent TELUS Mental Health Index indicates that they also feel unsafe enough at work to speak honestly about any worries or problems they may be having without fear of retaliation from their managers.

According to a TELUS Health survey, more than half (55%) of Singaporean workers report having no trustworthy coworkers, which might leave them feeling alone and isolated. Additionally, almost half (45%) of workers do not believe or are dubious about their employer’s commitment to guaranteeing that every worker can voice concerns without fear of retaliation or embarrassment.

Haider Amir, TELUS Health’s Director of Asia, stated that loneliness is “not just a personal struggle, but a global threat to our mental health and wellbeing.” “Difficulties unavoidably occur in the absence of dependable connections and a nurturing atmosphere where people may freely express who they truly are.

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In order to improve employee wellness and provide financial benefits for companies, Amir stressed the significance of organisations taking proactive measures to address the negative impacts of isolation and loneliness on worker health and productivity.

According to the TELUS Mental Health Index, half of the respondents said their employer did not provide support for psychological health and safety, and one in ten workers in Singapore did not feel valued and respected by their coworkers. Additionally, these workers are 60% more likely to report that their mental health negatively affects their productivity at work.

Furthermore, 41% of the respondents said they did not think their workplace swiftly and fairly resolved instances of harassment, bullying, unhealthy conflict, and other detrimental behaviours.

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