Which Countries Have The Best Work-life Balance?



According to a survey by Compare the Market AU, Spain topped the rankings because it provides 30 paid annual leave days, more than six weeks of paid sick leave, complete reimbursement for parental leave, and 16 weeks of paid maternity and 12 weeks of paid paternity leave for employees.

With 1,473.3 working hours, a 7.23 satisfaction score, 20 weeks of fully compensated maternity leave, and two weeks of paid paternity leave, Luxembourg came in second to Spain. France ranks third, with thirty paid absences per year, paid maternity and paternity leave, and more than six weeks of paid sick leave.

It is critical to be able to enjoy your free time. Although work can be hectic at times, if you find yourself working late most of the time or experiencing stress or worry, Steven Spicer, executive general manager of health at Compare the Market AU, recommends taking a step back and talking to your boss.

Work-life balance encompasses hours worked and maternity leave.

With happiness ratings of 7.4 and 7.8, respectively, the Netherlands and Finland round out the top five. The only nation that provides paid maternity leave exceeding a year, with 58 weeks of leave and a 90% compensation rate, is Bulgaria.

Greece, meanwhile, provides 43 weeks of paid maternity leave at a 61.8% rate.

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With only 1,340.9 hours worked annually, Germany has the fewest work hours worldwide, according to Compare the Market AU. Denmark and Norway came next, with 1,371.6 and 1,424.6 hours respectively. Conversely, the average annual labour hours for Mexicans and Chileans were 2,226.3 and 1,962.8 hours, respectively, and 2,405.5 hours for Columbians.

The following factors were taken into account in order to determine which nation has the best work-life balance: hours worked, paid yearly leave, paid sick leave, paid paternal and maternal leave, and happiness score.

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