OpenAI Sora might kill many Hollywood jobs

OpenAI creates AI device to replace human workers

OpenAI creates AI device to replace human workersIn a study conducted by MIT last year, they reported that AI that can truly replace humans is still decades away from becoming a reality.

Using vision alone, human efficiency in carrying out tasks prevents AI from putting millions of people out of work.

However, The Information today reported that OpenAI is developing two “agents” that can take control of a device before performing the assigned tasks.

Agents are AI software developed to perform specific tasks. OpenAI is reportedly developing two agents.

The first takes over the owner’s device (perhaps a PC) and performs complex tasks traditionally requiring humans.

The latter can be tasked with doing web-based work, such as buying plane tickets and collecting user data.

In other words, both agents perform the automation process of human tasks in the office.

OpenAI has not yet issued a comment on this report.

To be sure, the concept of agents here is not something new. Humane AI Pin and Rabbit R1, two AI devices announced, are marketed with similar capabilities.

Rabbit R1 developers showed a demo of Rabbit OS being taught to perform tasks using the camera.

Once trained, it then performs the same task again without supervision.


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