Google's AI, Gemini to defeat ChatGPT

Google’s AI, Gemini to defeat ChatGPT

Google's AI, Gemini to defeat ChatGPTAI isn’t the future. It is the present! And there’ll come a time when it arranges everything on our planet. That may be a joyful day. Or the end of humanity as we know it could be the outcome.

Google is preparing for that day by developing an AI model that seeks to converse with you and answer your queries more quickly and realistically than ChatGPT, using its GPT-4 model.

Google has formally unveiled Gemini, its most powerful language model yet. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, it’s the first of a new generation of AI models inspired by how people understand and interact with the world.

It’s all naturally very complicated, but a more adaptable model than ever has been created thanks to Google’s multibillion-dollar AI investment. Let’s dissect it.

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The system is an integrated multimodal AI created from the ground up. Given that Gemini has been trained to comprehend and reason through a wide range of inputs. It should be competent at addressing challenging coding requirements and even physics-related issues.

Three sizes of Gemini are under development: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. While Pro will be incorporated into Google’s chatbot, Bard, Nano is available on-device. The same 170 countries and territories where the existing Bard chatbot is available will also be home to the improved version.

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According to reports, Gemini Pro fared better in six out of eight benchmark AI tests than the previous model used to power ChatGPT, also known as GPT-3.5. However, comparing this new competitor against OpenAI’s top chatbot operating on GPT-4 hasn’t been done yet.

In some performance tests, Gemini Ultra performed better than all other models, even GPT-4. However, it won’t be available until at least 2024. But before it can be made available to select customers, developers, partners, and experts in security and responsibility, this Ultra version needs to undergo more testing.

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