OpenAI is launching custom ChatGPT store despite delay

OpenAI is launching custom ChatGPT store despite delay

OpenAI is launching custom ChatGPT store despite delayOpenAI’s GPT store is nearly set to start business, despite postponing its launch.

OpenAI announced in an email to those registered as GPT Builders that the GPT Store, where users may purchase and distribute personalized AI agents built on OpenAI’s extensive language models, will formally start the following week.

The email reminded recipients to publish their GPTs and requested that they confirm that their works adhere to brand rules.

During its November developers conference, OpenAI first revealed that it would allow third parties to use its GPT-4 large language model to create AI agents, or GPTs.

It allows users to develop personalized ChatGPT-style chatbots, such as ones that explain Gen Z memes or assist users in negotiating; it’s exclusive to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers.

Although users may access custom GPTs created by OpenAI through ChatGPT Plus’s explore page, the store would enable users to share and profit from their GPTs.

OpenAI has stated that it will find a mechanism to compensate GPT developers according to the amount of usage that their AI agents receive on the marketplace, but it has not yet disclosed any further information about the strategy.

However, OpenAI had to postpone the store’s original November opening due to a busy month that included sacking and then rehiring CEO Sam Altman. OpenAI pushed out the original date to December and then again.


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