Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Improves Staff Benefits



The CEO and Managing Director of the bank are certain that the new improvement would support workers’ wellness even more and cater to their demands at all phases of life.

Recently, Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) improved a number of employee perks to further encourage an inclusive and family-friendly work environment.

Such benefits include:

  • Introduction of a childbirth subsidy of HK$30,000 for each newborn baby,

  • Establishment of an education award of HK$100,000 to honour employee’s children with excellent academic results,

  • Besides extra time off every month, there will also be a half-day off in the month(s) that don’t have a public holiday..

The bank has already put in place a number of initiatives to support the health and happiness of its staff, including additional time off each month, flexible scheduling, and work-from-home options. Additionally, a “CEO Award” has been instituted to honor staff members who offer creative and successful suggestions for enhancing different company domains.

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The CEO and Managing Director of Fubon Bank, Simon Chung, is certain that the most recent improvements to employee benefits will support workers’ wellness and accommodate their demands across a range of life phases.

“The most valuable asset of the Bank is its workforce. At the Bank, we have made a commitment to promoting a welcoming, inclusive, and family-friendly culture,” Chung stated.

“While our wide range of benefits will assist staff in juggling work and family obligations, our continuous efforts to put employee satisfaction first will also boost morale, retention, and productivity at the Bank. When our people have the resources and chances to reach their full potential and give their best work, we can create a firm that will last.”

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