Korea Will Give Priority To Workers Who Speak Korean


An immigrant’s ability in the Korean language will be valued more highly than other abilities as Korea is ready to accept more foreign workers according to its revised immigration policy.

Speaking Korean well will be important in getting an E-7-4 visa, the Ministry of Justice informed The Korea Times. These visas are granted to people who meet certain requirements, including having at least four years of work experience. They allow for permanent residence in Korea with a three-year initial duration and unlimited renewals.

According to the Ministry, learning the Korean language is essential for immigrants to adapt into Korean society, following other nations’ practices. Higher points will be given to applicants for E-7-4 visas who have exceptional language abilities to encourage this.

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This viewpoint is consistent with the guidelines established by Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, who stressed the superiority of linguistic skills over even technical abilities like welding. He emphasised that Korean language experts will receive significant rewards. Han Dong-hoon also emphasised how urgent immigration reform is in order for Korea to accept talented foreign employees. The country’s birth rate is still drastically declining despite government attempts, necessitating a peaceful coexistence with foreign labour.

Han Dong-hoon emphasised that the creation of a well-structured immigration system is crucial for Korea’s future and warned against fast adoption in order to avoid major political rifts. To emphasise the value of thorough preparation, he used examples from many foreign nations.

Only 18,988 births were recorded in May, a 5.3 percent decline from the previous year, according to recent statistics from Statistics Korea. The nation’s economy and long-term prospects are significantly hampered by this steady decrease over a period of 90 months.

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