How AI Can Raise Employee Pay



Though a CEO thinks that replacing jobs with artificial intelligence (AI) can increase pay, the popularity and broad use of AI may have raised questions and debate about the availability of jobs and negatively impacted financial remuneration.

CEO of employment agency Randstad Sander van t Noordende stated on CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” that many organizations’ leaders “will be paying [personnel] more to do a job that adds even more value.”

According to van’t Noordende, employing AI can help workers spend their time more effectively and have a greater impact on businesses.

“AI frees up time to do more high-value activities by increasing productivity and helping you do a better and faster job so that you can spend more time with your clients—in our case, with our candidates—with your colleagues, and exploring new areas. He explained that although artificial intelligence has enormous promise and capability, it “cannot do everything” and will not be able to completely replace human workers. He clarified that this implies that humans are always capable of more than just using AI.

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Some argue that other economic concerns, such slower growth and higher expenses for firms, pose a greater threat to workers than AI, and that AI’s impact on jobs may be far smaller.

Employees may need more time to fully experience the impact of artificial intelligence, according to van’t Noordende. He pointed out that only one in eight businesses is currently utilizing the technology “at scale,” with the remaining firms continuing to explore.

“It will take some time for AI to truly be adopted and utilized at a large scale,” he stated. “Although everyone is ecstatic right now—we’re kind of at the top of the hype cycle—it will take time to implement artificial intelligence responsibly on a large scale.”

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