Singapore has the most powerful passport in 2024

Singapore has the most powerful passport in 2024

Singapore has the most powerful passport in 2024

The latest ranking from the Henley Passport Index, which came out on January 10, says that Singapore is sharing the title of having the world’s strongest passport with five other countries in 2024.

France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain are the six countries that can visit 194 out of 227 places without a visa.

Singapore was the best country 2023, with visa-free travel to 192 places. In 190, Germany, Italy, and Spain came in second.

With 189 destinations, France and Japan came in third. They were in the same spot as Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Luxembourg.

On the other hand, compared to 2023, the number of places that citizens of Malaysia and Indonesia can visit without a visa went up.

Malaysia added one more place to visit, bringing the total to 182. It stayed in 12th place, though, tied with Cyprus and Liechtenstein.

On the other hand, Indonesians can now visit 78 places without a visa, up from 76 in 2023.

Afghanistan is still at the bottom of the list, where it has been since 2019—it can only reach 28 places. The bottom five are Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Only information from the International Air Transport Association makes the Henley Passport Index.

There are 199 world passports in the index, used as a standard to determine how mobile a passport is worldwide.


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