Workplaces In Australia Encouraged To Prioritise Worker Welfare



The foundation of a successful workplace is psychological safety and health, and the results of the 2023 Australian Workforce Survey recently highlighted how crucial these elements are.

A survey conducted by the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University and the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) College for Organisational Psychology revealed that 25% of workers feel neutral or slightly unsafe at work, and that their employers do not prioritise their well-being. Furthermore, smaller private companies do better than bigger ones and provide greater standards of psychological safety.

The study revealed a noteworthy discrepancy in the perspectives of managers and workers about workplace training. While 53% of individuals believed that workplace training effectively prepared them for the future of work, 78% of leaders shared this view. Compared to their younger colleagues in retail and manufacturing, older employees and those working in specialised fields such as professional scientific and technical services reported more trust in autonomy, flexibility, and training.

The poll also showed that persons who worked for themselves or from home had the greatest levels of job satisfaction, while LGBTIQ+ people and those with impairments had the lowest levels.

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The CEO of APS, Dr. Zena Burgess, underlined the benefits of remote employment but issued a warning on its unequal distribution throughout the economy. “Future successful workplaces belong to organisations with leaders who share their visions and are compassionate and inclusive,” the speaker stated.

In reaction to these results, APS advised companies to make investments in leadership development, encourage flexibility and resilience, give feedback top priority, foster a supportive work environment, cut down on red tape, and concentrate on the health and safety of their employees. Furthermore, it is emphasised how crucial it is to provide workers with the skills they will need for the future by embracing technology, developing a learning environment, and so on.

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