Malaysian employers indifferent about foreign workers welfare

Malaysian employers indifferent about foreign workers welfare

Malaysian employers indifferent about foreign workers welfareIn terms of protecting the welfare and interests of employees, the level of compliance among businesses that engage foreign workers welfare in this nation is still unsatisfactory, with the service sector having the highest number of legal violations.

In this regard, Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail advised employers to be mindful of the legal requirements of the housing, hours of work, and wages of their foreign workers welfare.

“Failure to do so may cause the regulatory agency to carry out an investigation and if related to the violation of certain sections and laws, it may lead to investigation papers and ending up in court.”

According to Bernama, he made this statement after the ninth joint committee meeting between the home and human resources ministers on managing foreign workers welfare.


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Minister of Human Resources V. Sivakumar was also present.

The restaurant, laundry, and cleaning industries, wholesale and retail enterprises, laundries, hotels, resorts, spas, cargo (handlers), ports (dockworkers), airports, and the scrap yard (used goods) industry are all included in the service sector.

Following the government’s decision to execute a relaxation plan and recalibration policy at the beginning of this year to make it simpler for firms to employ foreign workers. Saifuddin stated that the inspectorate monitors the level of compliance of employers who hire foreign workers.

He said the four more industries examined were manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and plantations.

According to Saifuddin, 1.7 million foreign workers currently have Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS), which is sufficient.

Following the Ministry of Economy policy, which states that the number of foreign workers in the country cannot surpass 2.4 million by 2025. He said that they approved recruiting quotas but that foreign workers are not here yet.

“After this, the government will only monitor the quotas that have been approved and there will be no more application for new quotas,” he said.

Another item discussed was The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture’s application to open (quota for) a foreign worker sub-sector for theme parks to suit the demands of 78 theme parks around the country.

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