Singaporean Workers Welcome Remote Work


A Global Workforce View reports that more than half of Singapore’s workforce thinks they can go overseas and still work for their present employer.

Interestingly, even though the media and information sector is not one of Singapore’s top three businesses, 88% of workers in this field showed confidence in working remotely. Of those who said they believed in remote relocation, 36% said their employers had flexible working arrangements that let them work from anywhere, including abroad. Furthermore, nearly 25% of participants stated that they knew coworkers in their company who had benefited from this flexible work schedule.

The workforce in Singapore, a major corporate hub in South-East Asia, is used to working in a variety of locations and time zones, so remote migration is a natural adjustment. Indeed, in the next five years, 29% of respondents expect to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

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According to ADP Vice-President of HR for Asia-Pacific Yvonne Teo, “Hybrid working arrangements are becoming the norm globally.” We know, in fact, that in Singapore, over seven out of ten firms (69%) give their workers varied degrees of flexibility when it comes to working both in the office and from home. It appears that flexibility is becoming a widely desired workplace perk because half of Singaporean employees think they may move abroad while still working for the same company.

Administrative limitations do occur, though. Teo asked companies to make clear their policy on remote employment, taking into account logistical, tax, compliance, and security concerns.

According to the ADP survey, 48% of workers worldwide said they could go abroad and stay with their present companies, citing flexible work schedules, job needs, and successful examples. 

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