Malaysia Has Too Many Performing Arts Graduates

perfoming arts

A top government official expressed worry about the lack of job possibilities in the performing arts sector. Therefore, keeping many graduates out of work.

According to Daily Express, Rosnan Nordin, deputy director-general of policy and planning for the national department of culture and the arts, estimates that 4,000 graduates in the performing arts are generated annually.

Nevertheless, he added, “This contrasts with medicine and engineering for example, where demand reaches 80%,” during an event at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). “The workforce demand for performing arts graduates in the country is limited, maybe only 10%.”

He stated that performing arts courses are offered by several public colleges in Malaysia, excluding private establishments.

“The graduates are working in fields that do not match their qualifications due to the mismatch between the (low) demand and the influx of students,” he continued.

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In addition, Rosnan expressed worry that the flood of students studying performing arts would make the sector stagnant.

This is not the case in industrialised nations, where the demand for arts generates revenues for businesses.

However, very few of our students go on to start their own production firms, dancing classes, or rental sound systems.

He believes that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology presents difficulties for local graduates. Furthermore, it is expected to rule the worldwide creative arts market.

“We discovered that the majority of students select performing arts as their final option for university admission,” he stated.

Veteran singer and composer M Nasir, Sabah actor and director Ebi Kornelis, and veteran actor, director, and theatre activist Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar were among the speakers during the “Youth’s Performing Career…” conversation.

The workshop was attended by over 500 UMS students and local arts advocates.

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