Australia To Make Unpaid Carer Workforce More Inclusive


Employees in Australia who are also unpaid carers for family members will be glad to learn about the new Carer Inclusive Workplace Initiative, a new carer-friendly workplace framework aimed at encouraging equitable opportunities for unpaid carers and lowering obstacles to employment. It provides employers in Australia with the tools they need to be more inclusive of their employees who have care duties in their life in addition to their paid jobs.

Additionally, it is an effort launched by Australia’s Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth, and is intended to assist companies in making effective adjustments within their working procedures that can suit the special requirements of carers in their employ. Participating organisations would have access to a virtual hub including a variety of materials, templates, and reference manuals.

Organisations who excel in the self-assessment procedure will also receive a brandmark to demonstrate their dedication to assisting carers on the communication and recruitment platform. 

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“Just as workplaces have adapted to accommodate parents caring for children, it is crucial that we acknowledge the unique challenges faced by carers and provide them with the support needed to thrive in their careers,” Rishworth wrote in a statement.

carers Australia is a national peak group that campaigns on behalf of unpaid carers across Australia to influence policy and services, applauds the action.

“Unpaid carers frequently face barriers in the workplace,” said Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick, CEO of carers Australia, encouraging all companies to join up for the Carer Inclusive Workplace Initiative. This programme intends to address this directly by providing organisations with a framework for creating a career inclusive workplace.”

Organisations who make the commitment to the project will not only contribute to a more compassionate society, but will also enjoy a competitive advantage by recruiting a larger pool of skilled personnel, she noted.

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