Spanish Workers To Benefit From 4-day Work Week


A pilot programme revealed that four-day work weeks has enhanced the health of Spanish workers. This is done so by cutting stress while lowering fuel emissions and benefitting children.

Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city with almost 800,000 residents and has scheduled four consecutive Monday municipal holidays starting this year. Approximately 360,000 people were affected by the change.

According to an impartial panel of health and social science specialists, many participants used the extra weekend to adopt healthy activities. For example, most would go to the gym, relax at home and cook homemade meals.  

The findings showed an increase in health status, decreased stress levels and increased happiness, mood, and personal satisfaction.

The city’s daily emissions data showed a reduction in vehicle use resulted in higher air quality on the four Mondays of the program’s run, as less nitrogen dioxide was released.

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It was stated that smokers and drinkers increased their total consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

According to the commission, a large number of individuals polled stated they were more inclined to read, study, watch films, and engage in hobbies such as photography, music, or painting. The proportion was not specified.

Furthermore, the panel discovered that children benefited the most from their parents’ better work-life balance.

While the hotel and tourist industries served more clients during the long weekend, shops reported a drop in sales, and emergency medical services may have been overburdened as more healthcare employees took time off, according to the research.

At the time, the city’s dominant left-wing Compromis coalition of progressive, ecological, and regionalist parties was responsible for the reform.

Last year, the Spanish government launched a two-year initiative aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturing firms across the country.

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