Highest Monthly Incomes & Wages Were Still Being Received In Putrajaya In 2022

Monthly Incomes & Wages

Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Labuan, and Pulau Pinang all earned more than the RM2,424 median salary and wage for Malaysian media.

In 2022, the median monthly incomes and wages in all of Malaysia’s states and territories increased, with Putrajaya continuing to have the highest median at RM3,916.

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The Department of Statistics’ Salaries and Wages Survey Report 2022 also noted that Kuala Lumpur (RM3,276), Selangor (RM3,194), Labuan (RM2,703), and Pulau Pinang (RM2,507) continued to hold second- through fifth-place positions. These five states paid more in salaries and earnings than the national average for the media, which was RM2,424.

The remaining states and territories’ median monthly incomes and wages for 2022 are broken down as follows:

  • Negeri Sembilan: RM2,301

  • Melaka: RM2,284

  • Johor: RM2,220

  • Sarawak: RM2,115

  • Pahang: RM2,065

  • Sabah: RM2,015

  • Perak: RM1,943

  • Perlis: RM1,872

  • Kedah: RM1,863

  • Terengganu: RM1,743

  • Kelantan: RM1,681

The report also revealed the mean recorded for all states & territories:

  • Putrajaya: RM4,666

  • Kuala Lumpur: RM4,207

  • Selangor; RM3,737

  • Labuan: RM3,418

  • Pulau Pinang: RM3,313

  • Negeri Sembilan: RM3,206

  • Melaka: RM3,3113

  • Johor: RM3,007

  • Sarawak: RM2,976

  • Sabah: RM2,972

  • Pahang: RM2,897

  • Perlis: RM2,777

  • Perak: RM2,739

  • Kedah: RM2,659

  • Terengganu: RM2,657

  • Kelantan: RM2,653

Along with the previously mentioned information, the report included information on the median and mean monthly salaries & wages in the country by a variety of criteria, such as skill category, industry, educational attainment, and age group.

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