Citibank India Offers A WFH Option Of Up To 12 Months

Citibank India Offers A WFH Option Of Up To 12 Months

In the final trimester, female employees can also request three months of work from home if necessary, thereby increasing the total number of remote work months to up to 21.

At the conclusion of their 26-week maternity leave, women workers of Citibank India can now seek to work from home (WFH) for a duration of up to 12 months.

In addition, a woman employee may ask for three months of need-based home work during her final trimester of pregnancy, pending evaluation and approval. For expectant or new mothers, this might prolong their total time working from home to up to 21 months.

Citi India is eager to launch this maternity-related WFH programme in response to the Government of India’s advice, making it a law for the benefit of new moms and helping them effectively combine their family and profession.

“We are thrilled to pioneer this for our women colleagues across the Citi India franchise,” said Aditya Mittal, chief human resources officer of Citi India & South Asia.

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“The majority of studies on women’s engagement in the workforce imply that women frequently leave the profession or take extended breaks from it during this stage, which has an effect on their careers and ultimately the proportion of women in senior positions in organisations. This is a significant and important move to guarantee that we keep the talent of women and assist their professional aspirations when they most need it. This should spur additional industry efforts to carry out the government’s plan.

This effort is anticipated to benefit Citi India’s over 30,000 employees, 38% of whom are women, as well as the company’s 30% representation percentage of women in mid-senior and senior roles.

In addition, Citi as a whole has implemented a flexible working paradigm and disclosed its ‘raw’ or uncorrected’ pay discrepancies for both women and American minorities. 

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