CEO of Nvidia Claims AI Could Pass Human Tests In Five Years

CEO of Nvidia Claims AI Could Pass Human Tests In Five Years

CEO of Nvidia Claims AI Could Pass Human Tests In Five Years

Chief Executive of Nvidia (NVDA.O), Jensen Huang said that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could – by some definitions – emerge in as soon as five years.

At an economic forum held at Stanford University, Huang, the head of the world’s largest manufacturer of artificial intelligence chips used to power systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, was answering a question about how long it would take to realize one of Silicon Valley’s long-standing ambitions: building computers with human-like cognitive abilities.

According to Huang, it depends on how the goal is defined. If the definition is the capacity to pass human tests, artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be here soon.

“If I gave an AI … every single test that you can possibly imagine, you make that list of tests and put it in front of the computer science industry, and I’m guessing in five years time, we’ll do well on every single one,” said Huang.

AI is currently able to pass exams like the legal bar exam, but it still has difficulty with specialized medical exams like gastroenterology. However, Huang stated that it ought to be able to pass any of them in five years as well.

However, different definitions could put AGI much further off since researchers are still unable to agree on a common understanding of how human minds work.

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Huang also addressed a question about how many more chip factories—referred to as “fabs” in the industry—are required to support the growth of the AI sector. Media reports have said OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman thinks many more fabs are needed.

Although Huang stated that more will be required, the number of chips required will be constrained because each chip will improve with time.

“We’re going to need more fabs. However, remember that we’re also improving the algorithms and the processing of (AI) tremendously over time,” Huang said. “It’s not as if the efficiency of computing is what it is today, and therefore the demand is this much. I’m improving my computing by a million times over 10 years.”

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Source: Reuters

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